switch «swihch», noun, verb.
1. a slender stick used in whipping or beating, especially a riding whip.
2. a thin, flexible shoot cut from a tree: »

Not so long ago, exasperated mothers snatched off a switch from the lilac bush while ushering junior to the shed.

3. a blow with or as if with a switch; stroke; lash: »

The big dog knocked a vase off the table with a switch of his tail.

4. a bunch or coil of long hair, often of false hair, worn by a woman in addition to her own hair.
5. any one of various devices for changing the direction of something, for making or breaking a connection, or for other purposes: a) a lever, plug, or other device for making or breaking a connection in an electric circuit or for altering the connections in a circuit. b) a pair of movable rails, pivoted at one end, by which a train can shift from one track to another.
6. the act of operating any of these devices.
7. Figurative. a change; turn; shift: »

a last-minute switch of plans. He lost the election when his supporters made a switch of their votes to the other candidate. In Peking, the Red Chinese Government pulled another switch (Newsweek).

8. a turning to another suit in bidding or play at bridge: »

Don't double if there is a probability of a switch into some other call which you cannot possibly double (A. M. Foster).

9. a hold that enables a wrestler to change from defense to offense through arm leverage.
1. to whip with or as if with a switch; strike: »

He switched the boys with a birch switch.

2. to swing or flourish like a switch; jerk suddenly; whisk: »

The horse switched his tail to drive off the flies.

3. a) to connect or disconnect with an electric current by using a switch; turn (an electric light, current, or the like, on or off): »

Switch off the lights before you go to bed.

b) to shift to another circuit.
4. a) to shift (a train or railroad car) from one track to another by a switch; shunt. b) to form (a train) by joining or removing cars; join or remove (cars).
5. Figurative. to turn, shift, or divert; change: »

to switch the subject, to switch places. The girls switched hats. The Middle East's awakening nations…could switch the balance of world power (Newsweek).

6. to shift (suits) in bidding or play at bridge.
1. to strike a blow or blows with or as if with a switch.
2. to shift from or as if from one railroad track to another.
3. to change or shift, as in direction or suits in cards: »

At contract he has the additional and highly important duty of raising the opener's bid as far towards a game or slam contract as his hand permits, and if he switches, of deciding whether to make a pre-emptive bid or not (London Daily Telegraph).

[probably < variant of Low German swutsche]
switch´a|ble, adjective.
switch´like´, adjective.

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